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The Transmission Scanners from Softsolution is unique. The scanner is based on the fact of a great module based concept (200 mm units), but more than this in the combination of self developed telecentric lighting units with special lens-less based sensor units.

Scanners with a width or height of up to 4800 mm are possible with this high speed scanning technology; all of these features do not mean any loss of resolution. 100 mm distance between lighting control and sensor unit means, that even very "thick" products can easily being scanned and checked. 

This scanner technology allows to record images without any shadows, based on the telecentric technology. 90° viewing angle on all areas of the product is the base concept. This means, that high precise sizing of products is not fiction, it is reality. Softsolution transmission scanners can be used for quality control of transparent products like glass, polycarbonate, foils and many more, as well as for dimension control of not transparent products like metall- and wooden plates.

Technical details: 

  • module based concept - units of  200 mm length
  • telecentric self developed ligh units
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • module synchronize
  • Interlink to 1-n encoders (n = amount of sensor units)
  • lighting control included
  • automatic brightness control
  • digitales I/O interface
  • 50-400 dpi
  • up to 6666 images per second