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Flexis - scanner solution


Reflexion-Scanners from Softsolution provide a high precise image recording. Based on a special developed solution for the used lenses together with high intense brightness, this technology results in a huge depth of focus.


Image recording based on telezentric light source and transmission image recording. That means, that this scanner technology can be used for dimension control as well as quality check of transparent materials (glass, polycarbonate, ...).


Every single component, which is part of reflexion is available as a single unit. Lighting control units, sensor electronic to synchronize the image data and much more.


Softsolution is your ideal partner, who provides high precision image recording. A reflection- as well as a transmission scanner is available in a modul based technology. All scanning solutions are based on 16bit technology, 50-400 dpi resolution and up to 18MPixel/second image recording.
All components of our scanning solutions are available in 200 mm units, which means, that there is a full flexibility according combination and arrangement of them. Based on USB 2.0 we provide a stable data transfer from the sensors to the according control unit (PC). Maximum length of up to 4800 mm are possible -  RGB or IR.